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The herb used in many countries for thousands of years in Asia, Africa and South America as well as Thailand has many features in the treatment of various diseases.  Because there are several important substances.

1 p-Insulin, Charantin, and Visine are insulin-like. Stimulates the secretion of insulin Inhibits Glucose Synthesis And increase the glucose utilization of the liver

  1. MRK 29 (or TBGP 29), MAP 30, Marmorin Antiretroviral activity results in lower HIV antigen levels in HIV-infected cells and results in reduced number of infected cells.

3 groups of isoprenoids for anticancer.

Diabetes and bitter gourd

Research on herbal gourd has been ongoing since 1962. Researchers have discovered tea tartar in bitter gourd. In 1977, Baldwa found insulin-like substances. And reduce sugar. Later, it proved the structure of insulin-like substances. Found as a polypeptide. The substance is polypeptide P, and bitter substances are: momordicoside, momordicin, karaviloside K1 and charantoside.

Gourmand's blood sugar reduction mechanism is included in the research collected worldwide.

  1. There are insulin-like substances. In the polypeptide group, help bring sugar into the cell. Apply more Blood sugar is reduced like insulin injections.
  2. Increased  Insulin production from the pancreas, similar to glibenclamide.
  3. increased Sugar Metabolism
  4. Increased insulin sensitivity. Glucose tolerance similar to metformin.
  5. Inhibition of glucose transport in the small intestine. The sugar is absorbed less. Blood sugar is so low.
  6. Inhibition of glucosidase
  7. Increase beta cell formation, which is the source of insulin.

Mechanism of reducing sugars, reducing the absorption, increasing destruction.  Add, apply, and more. Finally, the ability to reduce sugar accumulation (hemoglobin A 1C) of patients improved. This will lead to the reduction of complications that may occur. It is reported that it can slow kidney disorders. Cataract Nerve degeneration. 


There are no reports of poisoning and eating bitter gourd in various forms. Acute and chronic. Thai herbal medicine is a bitter gourd. Nourish the liver and kidneys This is consistent with the findings in animal studies. Renal function works better with the use of bitter gourd. Research, the Thai Medicine 101 Co., Ltd. found that the kidney function of patients receiving bitter gourd in the treatment of diabetes. The average is lower. Comparison before and after the drug gourd. 

Size used Eat : 800-1600 mg twice daily 2 times before breakfast.

Should be aware of the problem of low sugar because the response to the capsule bitter gourd of each patient may not agree.

The bitter gourd is another important choice. For patients with diabetes. Eating with the current drug to reduce the adverse effects of the current drugs for a long time. And to help keep blood sugar levels as close to normal. In order to reduce the occurrence of complications. This leads to the loss of cost of treatment. Disability and loss of life.

Ref: Researched paper from Moryathai 


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Raw materials
bitter gourd  moryaThai 1 was promoted to grow in the farmer group under the supervision of the moryafarm, both techniques and patterns of planting. Timing and harvesting of raw material processing. To get the standard and quality materials to ensure that. I do not have poisonous bitter gourd. To make medicines for patients because of the use of insecticides. Instead of nourishing the pancreas. Back to the serious destruction.

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